destinationoneTRS is a cost-efficient, subscription-based recruitment program that gives businesses the flexibility and freedom to strategically plan their teams. 

Recruiting is not what it used to be. It requires time, expertise, and administration to attract the right talent. With destinationoneTRS, you get all the perks of a dedicated recruiter who functions as an extension of your team, understands your business, shares your values and is focused on your goals.

No Hefty Fees

Up to 10 Placements Guaranteed

Dedicated Recruiter

Smart Recruitment

Large Network

Transparent Pricing


Modernize your recruitment with destinationoneTRS and unlock the cost-savings for your business. 

Strategize and adapt to the changing market conditions, with the help of a dedicated recruiter. 

Transition your process from one-off hires to a predictable, fixed expense and a teammate that genuinely cares about your business and understands your brand, values, and vision. 

With destinationoneTRS hefty salaries and individual posting fees will become a thing of the past so you can save time and money. 


Scale your business with destinationoneTRS and say goodbye to traditional per-hire-fees. destinationoneTRS gives businesses the flexibility and agility to adjust your recruitment strategy and plan your workforce in a way that is as competitive and dynamic as your business. With destination one, we offer fixed or customizable recruitment packages to ensure that you hire the right candidates for your business. 

No matter the size of your organization, our recruitment specialist is there to make sure you get the talent you deserve.


Streamline your hiring process and save time. With a monthly subscription to destinationoneTRS you get access to a pool of highly qualified, pre-selected candidates to simplify your hiring process.  


destinationoneTRS is best suited for businesses looking for a long-term partner who will build their value proposition and communicate their message to the best talent. With our on-going support, you can easily tailor your workforce to meet your business needs, and keep  y our day-to-day operations running smoothly. 

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