Why the “Follow-Up” Post Interview is so Important

December 30, 2020by admin6791

The application has been filled, the resume and cover letter was dropped off, and the interview has been completed. For many, this is the final step they will take in their job application process; however, regardless if you receive the job it is crucial that there is communication between the applicant and the potential employer.

From a Candidates Perspective

Applying for a job is a time-consuming and nerve-racking experience: applying to the job, adjusting one’s resume and cover letter, preparing for and executing the interview. All this effort and time has gone into attempting to attain a job and even still, many people don’t follow up.

If you have not heard any response from the interviewer within 48 hours then call them. Don’t wait to be called! Here’s why:

– This creates an opportunity for the employer to see your initiative. If they are stuck between you and another candidate it works in your favor to act fast and show your desire for the job.
– It allows you to gain confidence: the more experience you get the more confident you will be.
– Hearing critiques and adjusting for next time: if you call and are informed that you have not received the job it is a great opportunity to ask what you could have improved on.
– If you have not received this job they may keep you in mind later down the road for another job opportunity.

From an Employers Perspective

Finding the right employee is also time-consuming and can be frustrating. Sorting through resumes, executing interviews, calling references, and narrowing down the candidates. Many employers become frustrated with the time already spent on finding the right person for the job that they so often don’t call back those who don’t make the cut.

Here’s why you should:

It keeps your company’s reputation intact: If a candidate has a bad experience during the interview process or feels like they have been unfairly judged they will most likely tell others. This step is even more crucial now because of how easily bad experiences can spread through social media. One call to thank them for their time can save you from a PR disaster and a negative Glassdoor review.


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