Why Sleep is so important and How to Get a Better Night’s Rest

December 30, 2020by admin6791

According to the Better Sleep Council a deprived night of sleep contributes to depression, weight gain, and loss of long-term memory. Insomnia is becoming more and more a problem in this modernizing world because humans are unable to shut their minds off. We all know we need it but for some of us, it is hard to get.

Try out these tricks for a restful night:
1. Meditation: This can be a hard practice to get into. We suggest trying a guided meditation at first, or try attending a yoga class; some people find it easier to clear their minds with the physical distraction.
2. Get a new mattress: A mattress 5 years or older can contribute to back pain and other chronic issues.
3. Shut off your screens: Try charging your phone in another room for a week and see if that improves your sleep. Having a phone or laptop in bed stimulates your mind and causes you stay awake.
4. Write a to-do list: Often, worrying will be the cause of insomnia. Try writing down a to-do list for the following day to put your mind at ease.
5. Caffeine: Limit your intake of caffeine and try not to drink it after 2pm.
6. Physical Activity: Studies indicate the correlation between those individuals who work out and have a restful night of sleep are extremely high. However, if you work out close to your bedtime it can keep you awake. The best time of the day to work out is the morning, but of course, we don’t all have the energy for that. Try going for a walk during your lunch break at work!
7. Crack a window: When you sleep, the CO2 levels raise in the room because of prolonged deep breathing. If you leave the window open it allows oxygen to flow more freely in your room and contributes to an easier sleep.
8. White noise: Some people find it comforting to listen to white noise while they fall asleep. There are many different kinds of white noise such as rainfall, wind, ocean waves etc.


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