Vibha K

February 26, 2021by admin67910

Being a new Immigrant to Canada, It’s rare to land up in a job that exactly matches your skill set and experience back home in a short time spam. I feel that I am one of the fortunate ones that TECIE team came across my profile and found it relevant for the position they were hiring. The two recruiters both helped me to set my profile and resume as per the job description. Within a week, I came in touch with them, I landed my first job offer (full-time) in a well established company in Lower Mainland, Vancouver, BC. KD – President & CEO of Destinationone Consulting,  will always make sure that you are comfortable with your work. The team is always ready to assist you to sort out any challenges at work even after you join an organization. They have capability to make the right connections, be it with the employer or an employee. For me in just 2 months after landing to Canada, I have started working as a full stack developer. It’s all due to connecting with TECIE. I am really thankful and suggest to reach out to the team to make a career progress. If you have skills, they won’t take much time to fits you in a suitable role.


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