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February 26, 2021by admin67910

There are Recruiters, and then there is TECIE. Finding work can be hard when there are so many jobs in the market. How do you stand out? Online resume? Check Personal web site with a story? Check Sent resume to recruiters? Check Despite sending many resumes out to recruiters, almost none of them got back to me. The right recruiter takes the time to meet you, learn about your skills and maintains a positive attitude and commitment to serving both parties – you and the hiring company. Kittima is just that person! She is a keeper! In less than two weeks, she met me, promoted my resume to a potential employer, kept me updated on progress, was honest with me when she sensed delays, and ultimately got me the interview. After the Interview, Kittima, reached out to me to ask how the interview went. A few hours later, Nadia, the Manager Partner called and gave me the good news! I got hired! The whole experience with Destination One Tech has been super positive and upbeat. They are attentive, professional, and most of all, they care. That is something you really need when the chips are down and you are looking for work! Don’t hesitate to use TECIE!


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