Support BIPOC: Hiring Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in 2021

April 22, 2021by admin6791

In the wake of COVID-19 and the ongoing discriminative tragedy of Black lives matter, we have seen enough loss of lives. During these tragedic times, HR Professionals are brought to the spotlight at the workplace. HR Professionals carry a huge responsibility for human happiness at the workplace. It is understood that companies regularly monitor eNPS as a metric to ensure employee happiness, but considering the tragedy around us, it becomes merely impossible. Hence, Support BIPOC!

As champions of the business, we should establish norms where Diversity and Inclusion are supported and empowered. It is crucial to inculcate a sense of belonging among your existing coworkers as diverse organizations tend to be more productive. Studies have shown that “Diverse organizations produce 19% more revenue” than less diverse ones, so apart from being the right thing to do, this also makes sense in terms of business.

Here are 5 Important things an Organization can do to Support BIPOC;

1. Getting Leadership Involved

It is high time for HR to advise leadership on the stats on why diversity hiring makes more business sense and why your employees need a strong leadership stand against anti-racism at the workplace. The executive leadership should demonstrate a sense of support.

Remember that “Anti-Racism is a journey. Justice is the goal.” You might feel a little unusual, overwhelmed or awkward while driving these changes. You don’t have to change each strategy, and It’s alright to start with small changes to get the ball going.

2. Having Open conversation with Employees

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Having an open conversation with our employees creates trust between management and employees. Be empathetic, have frank discussions, and make sure to provide them with enough perks and benefits which support BIPOC Hiring. Open up a dialogue about why Black Lives Matter and what your leadership, company, and other employees can do to better support BIPOC. Above all, be ready to answer the most challenging questions in the most empathetic manner.

Try getting into the specifics for you to create a realistic and actionable plan. The more clarity you get on the below questions, the more you will stand in their shoes.

  1. How can we hire more diversity? 
  2. Is our workforce being heard?
  3. Are People of Color fairly?
  4. How do we provide the same growth opportunities as others?

3. Creating an Inclusive work-environment

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In these times of Racial discrimination, It is crucial to make your employees feel comfortable talking to others. You can do it by making them understand that “It is not a political issue, but a Human rights issue.” Tell your employees that you support their Right to free speech, and the company won’t penalize them for partaking in BIPOC protests. In any case, state that hate speech is not endured.

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4. Reviewing your current BIPOC policies

It is always essential to update company policies as per the current sentiments. Check if the current policies support BIPOC and create new policies if needed. Refresh and remind every employee of your anti-harassment policy and discrimination policy by organizing regular seminars, Management talks, or one-to-one conversations.

In the purview of anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies, analyze key workplace policies that could be possibly discriminatory in less obvious ways; they include:

  • Awards and recognition programs
  • Employee performance reviews and promotions
  • Dismissal and redundancy
  • Training & Conditions of service
  • Employee pay review and benefits

5. Supporting BIPOC communities in your locality

It is an iron law of responsibility of every company in giving back their part to the society. The society around you has sacrificed their land, earnings, and Labor to enable your growth. Hence, volunteer in programmes that support BIPOC members of your society. Participate in or Initiate programs for mentoring BIPOC teens, students, youth and old-age people.

Regards to business, if you have any black-owned businesses or Vendors, support them in any way possible. For example, extend credit line, or go on a team lunch to black-owned restaurants. Remember this; It doesn’t matter how much you spend; In the end, it all boils down to how much you care.

Why Choose us for BIPOC Hiring?

Well, it may seem impossible for a few! But, when you hire a recruitment firm, they make sure that any employee joining your organization is aligned with your company values. It will make changes in the workplace that could shape the future of inclusion, representation, and upward mobility for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) for generations to come.

Acknowledging the areas of vulnerability is the first step toward addressing them. Sometimes as HR professionals, we feel so confused by how much we have to do, and it’s challenging to know how to start. Hence, choosing the right Recruitment firm like, Destionationone will enable your hiring and staffing policies to align with the current values in our society. Read more about us and talk to us now!

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