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Job Seekers FAQs – destinationone

1. How do I choose the right recruitment firm?

In the end, it’s about chemistry. Ask yourself: Do you and the recruiter like each other? Will the recruiter be excited about working with you? Don’t feel the need to blast your resume to every recruitment firm in town. Do your research – read reviews, ask for recommendations, find the most reputable agencies. Being ‘picky’ ensures your recruitment consultant has the expertise to help you succeed.

2. What is the role of a recruiter?

Recruiters are happy to work with candidates to give advice and career leads, but they ultimately work for their clients. If you haven’t heard from your recruiter in a while, there is very likely a good reason: Recruiters won’t waste your or their client’s time by presenting an opportunity that is not right for you. When in doubt, follow up with your recruiter regularly to ensure you’re top of mind.

3. How can I get the most of out of my relationship with a recruiter?

Maximize your interactions with a recruiter by asking specific questions: ask for their advice on a career direction; ask for updates on specific positions.

4. Why is regular follow up with my recruiter important?

Following up is a vital part of your job search. If you had an interview with a company through your recruiter, call them as soon as possible and let them know how it went.

  • Hearing your feedback gives the recruiter a reason to call the employer and create more conversation about you as a candidate, which could lead to another interview or a job offer.
  • Your recruiter can provide you with valuable insights about your interview skills based on feedback from the employer.

Throughout your relationship, stay in touch regularly; communicate any changes to your experience, career status or goals. Staying in touch helps recruiters think of you for openings that match your background.

5. Why should I use a specialized recruitment consultant?

Recruiters who focus on a specific industry have developed strong networks and knowledge within that area. They understand the terminology and needs of that sector.

6. Why work with Destinationone?

Our specialized recruitment consultants have their fingers on the pulse of your industry.

  • We can help connect you with opportunities and companies that may not otherwise be visible.
  • We know what our clients want – we will prepare you for every step in the process to help you put your best foot forward.
  • We will be honest – We will not waste your time with an opportunity that is not a good fit for you or our clients. If we feel we cannot help you with your career or job search, we will tell you directly.

7. How do I work with a recruiter?

What you want out of your career and what you’re looking for in a new opportunity. Being honest and open can only improve your relationship with the recruiter and, ultimately, your job search outcome.

8. I’m not actively looking to make a career move; why should I speak to a recruiter?

If you’re not looking for a career change and a recruiter reaches out to you, consider speaking with them anyway. You never know when you might need a recruiter in the future. Establishing a pro-active relationship will make it easier to reach out to a recruiter when you need them. If you ignore their attempts to get in touch, it may be more difficult for a recruiter to keep you top of mind and have them on your side in an upcoming job search.

9. What about my confidentiality?

Every individual is entitled to the highest level of confidentiality from Destinationone:

  • We will retain your personal contact and reference details until you give permission to release them.
  • We will not contact your provided references without permission.
  • We do not discuss your potential candidacy with anyone outside the Destinationone team.
  • We advise our clients to safeguard your confidentiality.
  • While every effort will be made to respect your confidentiality, we must balance it with our client’s need to make the best hiring decision.