In a result oriented industry, we understand that it is vital to look beyond skills and experience to find individuals who possess unique talent because the demand for capable leaders increases continuously as the competition intensifies. We use a search model which is not only pro- active but also uses A-Class mechanism and technology to suit the needs of sales and marketing professionals with the intention of long- term growth and performance.

Our hardworking sales and marketing recruitment specialists refer to our personal and professional networks and industry affiliations to place qualified and motivated professionals for top companies across Canada.

Here Are Different Types Of Sales Roles

1. Hunters and Farmers
Sales employees can be differentiated as “hunters” and “farmers”. It is crucial that in a sales oriented job the right personality is matched with the right role.

Hunters are sales professionals who are responsible for bringing new business for a company. This in most cases is accomplished through cold- calling or by paying door to door visits to create new accounts.Hunters are networkers and independent and are known for generating buzz and enthusiasm.

Farmers work on existing accounts, making sure that their needs are met. They construct and cultivate relationships within existing accounts.Farmers gain loyalty through client retention by nurturing and collaborating. A good blend of both hunters and farmers are vital to carry out the responsibilities of a sales role successfully.

2. Inside and Outside Sales
Inside sales professionals work from within an office set up as they take on the responsibility of an entire sales cycle over the phone and through e-mail. They must forge strong bonds with their clients through telephonic conversations while being articulate. They must have a good understanding of the product, be ethical and loyal and must know how to manage their time effectively.

Outside salespeople, generally work independently than with a team and fixed schedule.They spend a major chunk of their time making and keeping appointments while visiting the office only for sales meetings. Outside salespeople are resourceful, self- motivated as they rely on face- to- face interactions with their clients. It is vital that outside salespeople stay focused at all times as outside sales jobs are more susceptible to distractions.

3. Business Development Managers and Account Managers
Business Development Managers are mostly hunters and Account Managers are mostly farmers. Both these roles are flexible in nature as they both can either work from inside of an office or outside and also can divide their time between the two. Though different organizations may have different set of responsibilities for both Business Development as well as Account Managers.

For whichever position you apply, it is vital that you match your career goals with the new responsibilities and always try to improve upon your existing skill- set to become an ace performer in your new role. This is a sure shot way to unprecedented growth and success.

We Build Careers In A Variety Of Sales And Marketing Roles

With specialized sales and marketing recruiters, Destinationone helps talented professionals build and cultivate their sales and marketing careers through targeted, personalized search services that deliver outstanding sales and marketing jobs across Canada:

  • Account Coordinator
  • Account Manager
  • Communications and Marketing Assistant
  • Inside Sales Specialist
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Outside Sales Representative
  • Technical Sales Representative
  • Sales & Marketing Coordinator
  • Account Executive
  • Business Development Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • District Sales Manager

We Care About What You Want!

To function as your premier Executive and Management recruiting partner, our desire is to know more than the job’s key responsibilities and fundamental skill requirements. We unite with you to comprehend your key business drivers, company culture and areas of expertise. Empowered with this information, we formulate a recruitment strategy to help you solve existing organizational problems and accomplish strategic goals and objectives.

We Balance Complexities, Recruiting Beyond Skills And Experience!

For optimum long term results we identify skills and motivations to match job seekers with the right cultures and roles. Destinationone recruiters recognize that effective employee engagement and performance management programs can make the difference between a struggling company and a coveted workplace. Equipped with this in-depth understanding, our recruitment specialists deliver Executive and Management professionals with 3 main qualities: superior skills and experience, forward-thinking work ethic and outstanding interpersonal skills.

Goal Oriented Recruitment And Executive Search

We align our Human Resource system with the strategic goals and objectives of your company! Our recruitment consultants are experts in their fields. Our human resource management systems are tailored to service each unique business. To identify top performers, from CFO to Managing Director, our panel of dedicated recruitment specialists draws on:

  • Well-established relationships in the Executive and Management industry
  • Cutting-edge recruitment technology
  • Specialized talent management and headhunting knowledge and experience
  • Participation in professional associations and industry networks

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