We provide:

Permanent , Contractual & Temporary Staffing solutions.

We will work for you

At Destinationone Consulting, we offer a high level of expertise that far exceeds your normal human resources departments. The process of hiring recruiters, employment specialists and staff within your company can be on its own a lengthy process to find qualified employees.

Our recruitment specialists possess high level of expertise related to job knowledge, employment trends and recruitment practices by virtue of continuous placement of employees within a multitude of different organizations.

What’s unique about Destinationone, is our business model. We separate ourselves from the traditional recruitment firms because we have provided a systematic approach to the way we fulfill our client’s needs. Our recruiters are passionate and focus their efforts on creating a win-win solution in an efficient and effective turn around time.

We take steps with each one of our clients, we are proactive, we learn to understand your brand. Our commitment is defined to provide your company with a high level of success.

How we save you COST

Using our services will result in lower costs overall associated with hiring adequate staff to recruit applicants. Its simple, because we manage the entire lifecycle of the hiring process, we relieve employers of costs related to pre-employment testing, background investigations . In addition, employers save money related to the expense of payroll processing and benefits administration. Small employers find that they can rely on staffing agencies to provide them with qualified employees at remarkable savings.

Our Network

With tenured staff with well over twenty years of experience in the placement industry, Destinationone can provide you with a targeted and focused search in a variety of markets and industry verticals. Employers looking to hire seasonal workers, for example, would need to isolate and locate candidates for this niche market. At Destinationone Consulting we already have established relationships and a database populated with workers identified as dependable and reliable for this type of requisition.


Employers that engage our recruitment services for contractual or permanent employees get an opportunity to observe employee performance, qualifications and work habits before offering the temporary worker a permanent job. This can cut down on turnover once the trial period is complete and both the employee and employer are satisfied the job is a good fit. The cost of high turnover, both apparent and latent can be averted by the use of our services.