How a Recruiter can kickstart your search for a Job

January 19, 2022by admin6791
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Looking for a new job? Your timing couldn’t be better. In fact, today’s candidate-driven market may provide the best time to look for something new in a very long time. But is the do-it-yourself approach the most effective way of finding a job?

Not necessarily.

If you’re like most job hunters, you’ve been disappointed with many of the open roles you see on job boards or by the responses to your applications, or maybe you’ve been underwhelmed by the offers you’ve received. There might be plenty of jobs out there, but they’re not all good jobs. And when you do see an attractive opening, it’s been challenging to muster the energy to write yet another cover letter and tailor yet another resume after a long day of work, house chores or other responsibilities.

That’s where a professional job recruiter can help.

Find the right recruiter.

Tap friends and use Google to find local recruitment firms and determine which recruiter(s) specialize in your industry. Then, search the company website or LinkedIn to find their contact information.

Next, reach out by email, call, or social media to schedule an initial discussion. Here you can review your resume, highlight your experiences, and describe what you’re thinking of for the next move in your career.

Remember that this discussion is an interview so prepare for it like one (if you have just started thinking about interviewing – click here). The better you market yourself in that initial meeting, the more effectively a recruiter can showcase you to their clients. 

Here are ten things a professional job recruiter does to be your new best friend.

1. Connects you with employers

The best job recruiters know your local market — who’s hiring, who’s planning to hire and the open roles that aren’t yet publicly posted. That means they know what those employers want. Professional recruiters build extensive networks and strong relationships with client companies, earning a solid reputation for delivering talent.

2. Connects with you

A good job recruiter will also know your skills, goals, work style, and preferred workplace culture. It’s a professional familiarity that goes deeper than any list of attributes and interests presented on a resume.

This personalized approach to working with you is critical to placing you in a job where you’ll be happiest.

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3. Acts as your guide

Many Destinationone Consulting Group job recruiters have professional experience in your field, so they understand your passion for your work. As importantly, they know what employers look for in top talent and what they’re willing to pay for it, and they know how to close the deal.

To the job hunter, there’s no better best friend than the one who can give expert advice on how to land the best job and a healthy salary (more on that below).

4. Advocates for your talent

Job recruiters do more than share your resume. They’re directly communicating with hiring managers or their HR counterparts, so your application isn’t treated as another name without a face.

The recruiter can advocate for you, highlight your talents and how they suit the employer’s needs, and vouch for your soft skills (difficult to gauge from only a resume and cover letter, but always of great interest to an employer).

5. Saves you time

Finding a job takes time and energy — both in short supply if you’re already working a 9-5. Rather than spending hours each week scanning job boards or preparing applications, you can partner with a job recruiter who can put you in almost instant contact with employers looking for someone with your skillset.

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6. Negotiates compensation

Starting pay for professional occupations is expected to increase in 2022, primarily for high-demand roles. That might even be why you’re looking for something new. 

But talking money and negotiating better benefits is a skill that professional job recruiters are very good at. Their access to the latest salary data and knowledge of what perks and benefits are standard in your industry means you’ll have an ally with the insight and understanding to negotiate a compensation package both you and the employer will be happy with.

7. Helps craft an application that sells

Whether you’re an industry veteran or you’re entering the job market with little work history, you need a carefully crafted resume that’s compelling, honest and customized for the role you’re pursuing. Putting that together can be a tall order, even overwhelming. But you can spare yourself a lot of stress and pain with an expert in your corner. A job recruiter will offer honest feedback on your drafts, advice on highlighting your talents and successes, and where to tailor your resume for the positions you apply for. If you have a portfolio to show, the recruiter can help with that, too.

The job recruiter’s job is to help you get a job. They’re going to make sure your application presents you in the best possible light.

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8. Supports professional development

A professional recruiter can help you identify and build up the skills you might need for the roles you’re pursuing. 

Finding a job might be your immediate goal, but adding to your expertise could enhance the trajectory of your career path and increase your salary potential.

9. Provides interview coaching

Read any respected book or blog on finding a job, and you’ll find a discussion about the importance of preparing for phone vetting and interviews. That includes researching the company you’re interviewing, identifying career highlights and skills to mention, preparing for tough questions, even deciding how formal or informal to dress (important even in a video interview).

A job recruiter can offer guidance on all that. As the one who’s submitted your application or discussed your candidacy with the employer, the recruiter will have insight into how the company operates, its workplace culture and the hiring process. If you want to rehearse some awkward questions, the recruiter can offer to coach. By the time you interview, you’ll be able to speak confidently about how you can help the employer be successful and why you’re the best person for the position.

10. Helps you thrive

An excellent job recruiter will stay in contact even after you’ve found a job. For instance, at Destinationone Consulting Group, recruiters will check in with the candidates they’ve helped place in a new role to make sure all is well.

And that’s not all. If requested, they’ll offer professional development advice and other career tips.

Let your relationship develop over time.

The odds are low that a recruiter will have the perfect job for you on their desk when you call. Building the relationship to assist in finding the right fit for you requires patience and a little upkeep. Reach out to your recruiter from time to time and keep them up to date on new accomplishments to remain fresh in their minds when they start to recruit a role that matches your skills.

It is also helpful to solicit their advice on your goals for the future. For example, if you consider career progression, ask what characteristics companies have been seeking in new hires. They might also suggest courses or certifications that will help increase the odds you meet the must-haves for your desired position.

Your interest in new opportunities will also change as your objectives fluctuate throughout your career. Maintaining a relationship with your recruiter can be essential for aligning you with jobs that match your unique background and motivations.

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