Hiring recruitment firms – 5 reasons why

June 4, 2019by admin6791

Recruitment firms can be an accessible avenue for job leads irrespective of the career. The role of a recruiter is to work on behalf of an employer to source, recruit, interview, and hire the right candidate who is a match for the role and the employer.Skilled immigrants are seen as highly attractive and eligible candidates, particularly for recruiters working with companies that value diversity. With a better understanding of the process and how to stand out, internationally educated professionals can have great results in working with a recruiter. Let’s see what is there to benefit from hiring a recruitment firm for procuring employees or advancing personal career goals:

  • It is time efficient: The average time from an interview to an offer usually takes 2 weeks. Considering the additional time of position analysis, posting the position, accumulating resumes, reviewing resumes, and scheduling interviews, companies end up wasting a lot of the most important resource: time. The time that could have otherwise been used by these companies refine themselves, rather than searching for talent.
  • It is cost efficient: Hiring an employee by yourself includes the hassles of evaluating the basic salary, benefits, and taxes. One must also consider costly overtime during the vacancy of the position, recruiting and advertising costs, screening and testing costs, while the number grows drastically. Arecruitment firm provides you an approximate figure of the cost per hire and many offer financial guarantees to support the quality of their candidate. In addition to this, employees contracted through a recruitment service fall under the unemployment and worker’s compensation claims. Hence, the contract is legal and is reliable as well.
  • It ensures the best hire: It has mostly been the case that new employees often do not live up to the employers’ expectations. Most recruitment agencies offer a guarantee or free replacement on their candidate for a certain period after hiring. Thus, it guarantees the firm that they will definitely get the kind of talent they need.
  • It increases productivity: Employers who spend time on recruiting new candidates rather than teaching and bettering their existing staff, have been observed to drop their productivity rates very quickly. That is why it’s better to let the concerned people do their job: letting recruitment services search for talent.
  • It promotes flexibility: Having an accomplished recruitment company have your back lets you function better. You may have to take over a new project, or have a medical emergency, and that is when the recruitment agency can easily give you hiring options that enable you to entrust your work to a candidate of equal talent.


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