TECIE offers you opportunities for recruitment of contractual employees.

  • Comprehensive Candidate Pool
    TECIE has a vetted and pre-screened network of candidates looking for contractual opportunities to help you grow your business
  • Byte-sized Doesn’t Mean Small
    We enlist our top talent to help your business reach new heights. Our candidates seeking contractual opportunities will dedicate themselves to working stronger, faster and better.
  • Grow your Business Quickly
    We recruit the best talent for the contract presented to us. We expect our contractual candidates to work just as hard to grow your business even with a limited amount of time and budget.


    Trust TECIE to do the work for you while you tend to your business.

    • Expert Recruiters
      Our specialized recruiters work in specific vertical markets, enabling them to gain in-depth knowledge of individual technical areas and dedicate their time to finding the right tech talent for youbusiness
    • Proactive Approach
      With an access to a comprehensive and vetted network of candidates our recruiters know every candidate’s career objective and expertise to better understand what role and company is the best fit.
    • Exceptional Service
      Our client success partners are your single point-of-contact. They will be there every step of the way following up and following through to bring you unmetered results.

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