Feature Friday: Katarina Karanovic

December 30, 2020by admin6791

We are so appreciative of our amazing staff that has been helping expand our company! Today, we would like to feature Katarina Karanovic, our Senior Recruitment Partner for destinationoneTemp, who has been with the company for a year and a half. Take a look at some of the great things she had to say about destinationone and recruitment!

What do you like best about Recruiting?

“My favourite part about recruitment is where you have a candidate who is stressed out looking for a job that’s a good fit for them and you have a client who’s looking for the right candidate because they have a lot of work and they want someone who is reliable. When you send the candidate and it’s a perfect fit. The candidate loves the job and the client calls us and says, “thank you so much they’re awesome!” I find the whole experience very rewarding.”

How did you get started with destinationone?

“I finished my degree in Psychology and I was looking for something related to Psych to start working, or go back to school and do my Masters. As I was applying for jobs to see what was out there, one of destinationone’s recruiters called me and offered me a receptionist job at a jewelry store. I replied that I was looking for something that was either related to HR or Psychology and then she asked if I would like to come work for destinationone. So, I came for my interview and I loved the people aspect of things and I have been loving it ever since.”

What is your favourite part about working for destinationone?

“My favourite part about destinationone is the close relationships recruiters have with their candidates. On any given day, a recruiter will be dealing with 50-60 different candidates, to be able to get on a personal level with each one of those people I think is an amazing thing. To have candidates call and thank me for the work; it’s just that rewarding feeling like you did something right, they are so appreciative, I think that is the best part.”


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