Our clients have the right to and can expect quality services through :

  • An effective and efficient recruitment process.
  • Assignments where our team links itself to the goals and strategies of our clients and their organizations.
  • Specific human resource management techniques which focus on the job design, recruitment, reward and remuneration systems, productivity and career management.
  • Human resource management strategies which involve a management graph which is consistent with the overall strategies of your organization.
  • Attracting prospective high-quality employees. We help organizations to design stimulating career paths for their existing as well as prospective employees. We assist in retaining employees and facilitate in their working towards the company goals enthusiastically.
  • Succession plans. Through these plans we select employees with the highest potential so that they fit smoothly into the roles of managers and then further on for senior positions.
  • Value added services. We constantly try to add value to the organizations we work with by making sure that it is adequately and effectively staffed at all times.
  • Confidentiality, we at destinationone assure that any information given to us for the purpose of recruitment will remain with us. We treat this information with immense respect and deal with it in the most sensitive manner.
  • Transparency, our service model, fee structure, and all other policies and provisions have been clearly summarized for you in writing.